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United Way Leeds & Grenville
Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF) 
Community Program Application

COVID-19 is top of mind for everyone and is affecting the way we all support those who are vulnerable in our communities.  This pandemic has created an increase in demand for local services, shortages in supplies, and disruption in service.

United Ways and Centraides in Canada are pleased to provide support to local community service organizations that provide rapid, emergency community support to vulnerable community members.  Applications are made available and reviewed locally.  Our aim is to make this application process simple.  The application should take 15-30 minutes to complete.

These funds are being distributed as part of Employment and Social Development Canada’s (ESDC) Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF).  Before you begin, we encourage you to read the Frequently Asked Questions to fully understand what activities and expenses are allowable under this emergency funding for qualified donees.

INSTRUCTIONS: This application has five sections

  • Section 1 – Eligibility
  • Section 2 – The qualified donee (your organization)
  • Section 3 – Service information
  • Section 4 – Grant request, budget and financial information
  • Section 5 – Authorization and confirmation

Application Open Date:  May 19th, 2020

Applications Due: Rolling applications, from [19/05/20] to [30/06/20]

Applications Decisions: Applications will be reviewed as they are received and decisions made as soon as possible

If you have questions or need support in completing this application, please contact:

Trish Buote, Executive Director



1.1 Organizations are eligible to complete this application if the organization (please check):

is a registered charity in Canada, or other qualified donee, *
maintains a volunteer Board of Directors that meets regularly, *
hosts a public Annual General Meeting,*
has financial statements that have been audited by a licensed public accountant (or financial review for charities or not-for-profits with annual revenues less than $100,000),*
commits to providing eligible emergency supports to one or more groups of vulnerable people, as defined by ESDC, with funding used in full by March 31, 2021,*
has not already received funding for the same activities from the Government of Canada or other source (i.e. the organization is not receiving funding for the same activity from more than one source),*
commits that government funding for the activities proposed in this application will not exceed more than 100% (including any mix of municipal, provincial or territorial, or federal funding),*
grants permission for this application and contact details to be shared with Community Foundations Canada and Canadian Red Cross for funding consideration and coordination. *

1.2 Has the organization applied to any other funder (i.e. Canadian Red Cross or Community Foundations Canada) for this specific request?

If yes, please indicate if this application covers different expenses within this service.


2.1 Who is the contact person for this application?

2.2 Which organization is the qualified donee?


3.1 Vulnerable Populations Served

Select all who apply:
Populations by Children, Youth, or Elderly
Populations Requiring Specific Care or Supports
Indigenous People
Racialized Communities
Gender, Sexual Identity, and Newcomers
Vulnerable Workers
Linguistic Minorities

3.2 Service Types and Outputs Tracking

Select all of the services that apply:
Select a minimum of three outputs for tracking:
Food Security
Financial Wellness
Home Care or Personal Support
Health & Hygiene
Information & Navigation
Legal Support
Mental Health & Wellness
Personal Safety
Social Inclusion & Learning

3.3 Types of Activities

Select all which apply

3.4 Geographic Areas of Service

Select all which apply

3.5 Service Dates:

3.6 Service Description:

3.7 Is this an existing service?

3.8 Is this program/project being delivered by a coalition of agencies or through a partnership table in your community?

3.9 Will this service engage the support/involvement of Canadians/Businesses?


Grant Requested:

Will the service be provided if awarded a lesser amount?

Service Budget:

Please complete the following budget questions for the service.

Budget Instructions:

• Please ensure that your budget accounts for the full income and expenses of your service, including grants you have requested. All budget items must be service related and must be incurred during the grant period.

• Eligible expenditures include: wages and benefits, professional fees, travel and accommodations, materials and supplies, printing and communication, equipment rental/lease/maintenance, administration costs, capital costs, and disability support for staff. Ineligible expenditures include purchase of real property.

• Please note, other sources of revenue cannot be used for the same activity costs described in this application, without a commensurate increase in services.

• Where there are multiple sources of income from the Federal Government, Provincial / Territorial Governments, Municipal Governments, Community Foundations, Canadian Red Cross, and/or United Ways / Centraides, please detail in the comment box below.


Canadian Red Cross:
United Way / Centraide (Leeds & Grenville):
Corporate / Donor Support:
Other (list top 3 sources)
All other combined
Proposed Expense:
Wages and Benefits:
Disability Supports for Staff:
Professional Fees:
Travel and Accommodations:
Materials and Supplies:
Printing and Communication:
Equipment Rental/Lease/Maintenance:
Administration Costs:
Capital Costs:
Total Expense:


I/We declare the information provided in this application to be accurate and complete and complies with the eligibility criteria found in the guidelines. (If information is found to be inaccurate, in part or in whole, funding could be withdrawn.) *
I /We declare that the organization is not insolvent*


I/we declare that I/we have the ability to legally bind the organization: *
Person One:
Person Two:
Validation Code